7 Things To Do in the Gloom

Jan 5, 2023

It’s been rainy in LA the last couple of days. This is the first time since I’ve been back that it’s rained consistently for way over 72 hours. And alas, my bucket Petra reminds me she’s in need of some rainy lovin. 


This type of weather, I love! I love feeling just cold enough for a thick sweater but not cold enough to stay in all day. Here on the west coast, we’re lucky enough to have gloomy days and it still is manageable to do things outdoors. Phoebe, for one, loves the wet, chilly weather. I think she’s a husky at heart. 

But of course, the outdoors isn’t as enticing as sunny days. 

I love watching tv but that also is not what I want to be doing when it’s so beautifully gloomy outside. This is when I force myself to let my creativity take the wheel and get to those projects I’ve set aside for months (or years) because well, I don’t want to be indoors when it’s so sunny outside. In addition to lounging around, I also take a bit of pride in my procrastination skills. Yes, they are skills. 

Alas, it’s a new year, and with the time I’m taking back for myself this year, those aforementioned projects that have been waiting to see the time of day are ready to shine. So after my morning walk with Phoebe, rain or shine, here are some things I like to get into. 


  • Journal or write – Whether it’s for self-reflection, your to-do list, a love letter to a friend or an errand that requires a pen and paper or a document sheet on your laptop, just write. Put thoughts onto paper. 

  • Kitchen essential prep – You know all those cool Instagram videos where they make/blend/grind/freeze all those yummy ingredients that are essential for some of those dishes you’ve been wanting to cook but haven’t because of that one ingredient you haven’t yet prepped. Now is the time.

  • DIY projects – I like to make my DIY chapstick or deodorant. They also make for great random gifts.

  • Be creative – I take pride in colorpop splashed throughout my home. So I paint on anything I find lying around the house like blank canvas flower pots or old wine bottles that can be upcycled into flower vases. 

  • Go for a walk in the rain – Get a little wet and stand in the rain soaking in the natural phenomena happening around you. Listen to the birds sing in celebration of the liquid of life and join them. Take your umbrella or bundle up as you deem fit. Just get out there and be one with nature. We are part of it after all.

  •  Read – Finish up that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand or finally open up that book you’ve been wanting to start reading but haven’t been able to get to because of life. Maybe it’s a new cookbook you haven’t thoroughly looked through. Whatever it is, read a bit.

  • Move your body – I also want to be curled up in a burrito but before we do anything, move your bodies! I personally enjoy doing yoga or dancing. I just got a new yoga mat after mine was stolen at the gym and this time I invested in more than just Nike and got myself a reallllllllllly nice new mat that will make me feel more excited about slowing down and moving my body. Or just put on a cool Spotify playlist and dance like a crazy person! The rain is cheering you on!


Natalie Amezcua

Natalie (she/her/hers) is a humane educator and solutionary writer living in Los Angeles.

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Natalie is the author of sonatsays – blog. She is a solutionary thinker, dog mom, writer, and advocate for animal protection, environmental conservation, and human rights. Natalie has recently moved to her hometown of Los Angeles after living in Asia for several years to welcome a new chapter.



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